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The Day I Tried On a Kimono

It took me about a year to plan everything out for my trip to Japan in 2013. Although I didn’t need that much preparation, it gave me time to choose my host families carefully. While I was searching for things to do in order to plan my itinerary, I remember looking at pictures of women wearing a kimono, the luxurious Japanese traditional clothing. Continue reading


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A Typical Day in a Homestay Family

And here I thought I would be alone 90% of the time in Japan… Ha. That’s a good one! I’m probably alone 10% of the time, and I’m not complaining. I always have something to do. My host mother takes me almost everywhere with her.

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Chiba (Tokyo): Arrival in My First Host Family

Well! After doing 19 hours in airports and planes, let me tell you I couldn’t wait to finally arrive in Japan. My flight went great! The airline, United, was wonderful. I was able to sleep a lot during the flights (I had one from Québec to Chicago, and then another from Chicago to Narita, Tokyo). Continue reading


My Trip to Japan: How, When, Why?

Ah, Japan! Who never heard of manga or sushi? It seems everybody knows about that, because those are the first two things people talk to me about when I say I’m going to travel in Japan. The third thing people say to me is “Ni Hao”, which means “Hi” in Mandarin (Chinese). Oops! I’m going to Japan, where people speak Japanese, not Chinese.
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