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Strangeness And Familiarity (Reverse Culture Shock)

After a few months living in Japan as an exchange student, I’ve grown accustomed to some of the things I forgot were not part of daily life in Canada. I was back in the family house in my home country during February and March 2015 before coming back to Japan. I thought about sharing those few things that I was a bit shocked about the first few days I was in Canada. Continue reading



You Want To Travel? Then Do It.

In the course of one’s life, there are always some people who affected us more than others. Some of them may stay very good friends, and some others are just passing by for a very short time, and then we never hear of them again.

But they still left their mark on their way.

There is such a person in my life that I’ll always remember of. In 2013, I was living in Kyoto in a house shared with other foreigners for a couple of weeks. They were all awesome people, and we had a great time together visiting the amazing temples and castles that this beautiful city has to offer. Continue reading


On Being Anxious About Moving Abroad For Love

Before we get started, I want to warn you all that this post is kinda personal. It will not give you any tips on living in Japan or words of encouragement with your LDR/AMWF relationship, but it might hit home for some.

Stories like a person moving to another country to be with their significant other and living a happy life together ever after are numerous and always seem perfect and romantic. Hollywood movies have feed us with those type of stories, the ones where nobody questions if what they are doing is right, because they just “know” it’s right, when they are with the right person, their “soulmate”. In those stories, having doubts is considered a huge red flag that something is wrong with the relationship.

I, on the other hand, am questioning myself. Continue reading


The Ups and Downs of Learning a Foreign Language

As you all (probably) already know, my mother tongue is French. It means that I obviously had to learn English at some point in my life since I can write an entire blog in that language today.
Continue reading