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Japan-aholic Is Gone

Hey guys!

I know I know, it’s been a while! I haven’t posted anything in months!!!

I just wanted to make a quick update to tell you that the website http://www.japan-aholic.com is now gone, and has been replaced with its older version here, which is https://englishjapanxholic.wordpress.com (which some of you who have been following me since the beginning might remember!).

I didn’t know it would make such a fuss when I chose to not renew my purchase of the domain name japan-aholic.com, but it does make a Google go crazy. The broken links of the previous japan-aholic are still up all over Google and don’t redirect to this blog. It might take a couple of weeks to the Googlebot to see that my previous domain is gone, but that the exact same pages are still available here. We’ll see. I’m unfortunately not a specialist in scripts and stuff, so I just asked Google to explore my previous website (so that it can see it’s gone), but that’s it. I don’t know what else I could do to make the process faster.

I’ll write a post as soon as my finals are done to explain the reason why I made this decision.

Thanks as always and be happy!