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On My Way To School in Japan (Daito Bunka University)


Hey there!

I’m back with a “follow me” video where you can see me going to school on a normal day.
As I’m typing this, I’ve already finished my exchange year in Japan, but I thought it could still be interesting for some people to see how it was to walk, take the train and take a bus to go to school in Japan.

Daito Bunka (the name of the university) was a really awesome school and I loved my exchange year in Japan.

Here is the video:


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is a 20-something years old French-Canadian student and part-time blogger who loves traveling, drawing, listening to (all kind of) music and eating (everything). To achieve one of her biggest dream, she went in Japan for two months and a half as a tourist in 2013. She was an exchange student at Daito Bunka University in Saitama (near Tokyo) during the year 2014 - 2015. She is now studying to eventually become a nurse back in Canada, so she lacks time to write about Japan. You can still read all her posts on her blog, since she'll let them there for you to enjoy :)

9 thoughts on “On My Way To School in Japan (Daito Bunka University)

  1. Very interesting blog! I’m quite nervous, i’ll be there for the Spring Semester. Did you join a club or circle while studying in DBU? Thank you for posting!


    • You will like it, don’t worry 😀 It’s normal to be a bit nervous though!
      I joined the basketball circle the first semester, and then I joined a non-official French circle where I was teaching French to Japanese students 🙂 It was nice! I really recommend you joining a circle! You’ll see in April, they will all be there outside the hall before your entrance ceremony (and after too) all in line and screaming at you to join their circle 😉


      • Thank you for the answer 😀 . If everything goes as planned, i’d like to take the Japanese Culture, History and Current Issues in Japan classes. I’m a bit curious. How much free time did you have? I’m asking this because i’d like to work as a language teacher. What did you do to find students? 😮 Sorry, i’m asking many questions (╥_╥)


        • Don’t worry, I love answering questions 😀
          I had loads of free time, honestly. Studying there was way easier than studying in my hometown! I had time to go out and also work as an English teacher. Usually, you get those jobs by previous students who pass the job onto you, or by the International Center who will come to you and ask if you would be interested in this or that job. Really easy to find something, I didn’t even have to search and I had three jobs 😉


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  3. Did you take this via timelaps?
    The area really looks wonderful 🙂


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