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Manga Chibi: “What Kind of Japanese Person Are You?!”



baseball_game_comics sumo_comics manga_chibi Baseball is almost considered being the national sport in Japan since so many people like it. So what kind of Japanese doesn’t like sushi, baseball AND sumo wrestling? Apparently, my boyfriend isn’t the typical Japanese guy — but I must admit I like it.

No but seriously though, when I said “You’re not a real Japanese”, I was joking. His face was just so priceless!

Talking about sumo, I myself went one time in Tokyo to see a sumo wrestling match. I thought it was fun!

The rules are simple: to win, the rikishi (professionnal sumo wrestlers) have to either put their opponent outside the circle ring (called dohyouor make them fall to the ground. They have to make them lose their balance by pushing and pulling them. Only two rikishi are against each other at the same time. And when a lower ranked wrestler wins against a higher ranked one, people of the audience usually throw their seat cushions into the ring, which was a bit surprising at first (I didn’t have the chance to throw mine since I was taken aback!) 

If you have the chance to go see a sumo match, you should totally go for it. The atmosphere is great!


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is a 20-something years old French-Canadian student and part-time blogger who loves traveling, drawing, listening to (all kind of) music and eating (everything). To achieve one of her biggest dream, she went in Japan for two months and a half as a tourist in 2013. She was an exchange student at Daito Bunka University in Saitama (near Tokyo) during the year 2014 - 2015. She is now studying to eventually become a nurse back in Canada, so she lacks time to write about Japan. You can still read all her posts on her blog, since she'll let them there for you to enjoy :)

9 thoughts on “Manga Chibi: “What Kind of Japanese Person Are You?!”

  1. Watching sumo live at the stadium is tons of fun!! I love the atmosphereーespecially that drinking and eating is a-okay. (I have strange priorities, maybe.)

    YJ is the same in many respects. He doesn’t like miso soup, and he prefers pasta to rice (although it’s more a noodle thing I guessーhe loves ramen and soba). I often tease him in a similar way. “What, you don’t like _____??” or “What, you don’t know (Japanese slang word)??” Are you really Japanese!? XD He usually just mumbles some excuse, but it’s so funny!


  2. Same here, my husband is not interested in anything traditional Japanese at all, he doesn’t care about sumo either, I picked out a yukata for him for hanabi because he did not own any traditional clothing. When I talk about any traditional craft or art to my husband he shows no interest what so ever lol. The only thing he seems interested in a few old traditional dramas but that is about it. I think maybe many of the younger generation of Japanese are not interested in traditional Japanese stuff, so it seems.


    • I think Hitomi is not particularly interest in traditional things, too. But because I’m a foreigner, he likes to show off his culture, so he introduced me to many traditional aspects of Japan! Haha!
      He probably does more traditional things when he’s with me!
      You’re right, I also think the yougner generation is less interested in traditional stuff. It’s the same in my country, too!


  3. Haha my boyfriend and I are *exactly* the same way! I tease him about it too, especially his lack of knowledge of technology. I insist that he must not be Japanese, but actually a Martian.

    Your drawings really are super cute!!


  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your drawing style. That’s the cutest thing in the world! 🙂


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