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The Day I Tried On a Kimono

It took me about a year to plan everything out for my trip to Japan in 2013. Although I didn’t need that much preparation, it gave me time to choose my host families carefully. While I was searching for things to do in order to plan my itinerary, I remember looking at pictures of women wearing a kimono, the luxurious Japanese traditional clothing. Continue reading



The Ups and Downs of Learning a Foreign Language

As you all (probably) already know, my mother tongue is French. It means that I obviously had to learn English at some point in my life since I can write an entire blog in that language today.
Continue reading


Manga Chibi: Characters’ Presentation

Welcome to my new category called “Chibi Adventures”!

For those of you who don’t know, “Chibi” is like a manga character, but with less details and more childlike features. It’s really fun (and easier) to draw! Continue reading