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A Typical Day in a Homestay Family

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And here I thought I would be alone 90% of the time in Japan… Ha. That’s a good one! I’m probably alone 10% of the time, and I’m not complaining. I always have something to do. My host mother takes me almost everywhere with her.

A typical day looks like this : I wake up between 8:00 or 10:00, and the breakfast is waiting for me, just like this :


The small pink package on the right is a present (cookies!) from my host brother for the White Day. The White Day, for those who don’t know, is actually the opposite of Valentine’s Day : the boys give sweets or presents (like jewels) to girls. In Japan, it’s only the girls that give presents to boys on Valentine’s Day. That’s why the White Day was created ; to return the favor.

After I eat breakfast with my host family, my host mother usually take me to either the supermarket, the park, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bicycle ride, or a visit to her friend’s house… we almost always go out! The only free day I had was the day after I arrived, and it’s because my host mother was working. I realized that she was afraid I would get bored, because the house is located in the countryside. Well, I’m not bored at all!

A wonderful sight in the park

A wonderful sight at a park in Chiba.

During the evenings, I have two options : play with the children, or go out with friends!

Lucky me, when I arrived in Japan, my host mother told me her friend was hosting a French girl who wanted to meet me. Of course, I said yes. We met only two days after I arrived, but she had already been there for three weeks. She is an “au pair”, which means she takes care of the children and do some cooking for her host mother in exchange of money, accomodation and driving the car. As a result, we can take the car and go wherever we want during the nights and weekends.

One time, we went in a “Pachinko”, which is a very popular game in Japan. I didn’t really understand how it works, but I know I was not good at all. There’s one thing for sure : people here love “Pachinko”!

Inside the “Pachinko”… we didn’t know it was forbidden to take pictures!

Because my new friend had been in Japan for three weeks, she had the chance to meet some interesting people in a pub. She introduced me to them. They were all very kind!

Along with a Japanese man who’s nickname is “Tequila boy”

Meeting them helped me a lot to learn Japanese. They were so happy to help me understand their language. I think they rarely see foreigners here, in the countryside of Tokyo.

I’m starting to have the “peace sign” reflex…

Sometimes, we also go to karaoke together. Tomorrow, I’m going to visit Tokyo.

Let’s just say I’m living the good life in a homestay family.


Author: Jasmine

Jasmine is a 20-something years old French-Canadian student and part-time blogger who loves traveling, drawing, listening to (all kind of) music and eating (everything). To achieve one of her biggest dream, she went in Japan for two months and a half as a tourist in 2013. She was an exchange student at Daito Bunka University in Saitama (near Tokyo) during the year 2014 - 2015. She is now studying to eventually become a nurse back in Canada, so she lacks time to write about Japan. You can still read all her posts on her blog, since she'll let them there for you to enjoy :)

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