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4 Reasons Why Dating In Your Second Language Is Possible

There’s so many aspects of cross-cultural relationships that I want to talk about, so I had to start somewhere. When someone finds out that my boyfriend Hitomi (pronounced Hee-to-mee) is Japanese, the questions “Do you speak Japanese? Does he speaks English and/or French?” are somewhere in the Top 5 of the most asked questions. Therefore, I think it’s important to talk about that issue, when your significant other does not share the same native language as you.

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Between Two Worlds

There’s something uncanny about traveling. When you leave your home country, the one you always lived in, the one you consider being, well, home, and go on a trip in another country to discover the culture, nothing major happens.

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Chiba (Tokyo): Arrival in My First Host Family

Well! After doing 19 hours in airports and planes, let me tell you I couldn’t wait to finally arrive in Japan. My flight went great! The airline, United, was wonderful. I was able to sleep a lot during the flights (I had one from Québec to Chicago, and then another from Chicago to Narita, Tokyo). Continue reading


My Trip to Japan: How, When, Why?

Ah, Japan! Who never heard of manga or sushi? It seems everybody knows about that, because those are the first two things people talk to me about when I say I’m going to travel in Japan. The third thing people say to me is “Ni Hao”, which means “Hi” in Mandarin (Chinese). Oops! I’m going to Japan, where people speak Japanese, not Chinese.
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Welcome Here, New Reader!

Hi and welcome to my blog Japan-aholic : A blog about culture and love in Japan

It’s here that I’ll write everything I feel important sharing as I’m discovering Japan.

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